Chisago Soil & Water Conservation District



Interactive Project Map

1Take a tour around Chisago County and see a variety of water quality projects that have been completed in the past several years.
Click on a project to open a factsheet with more information about the project. Check back often to see the newest projects added to the map!


Annual Tree & Shrub Sale

2Each year, the Chisago SWCD offers a variety of Minnesota native trees and shrubs for sale. A bundle of 25 conservation-grade trees is an economical way to plant a large number of trees or shrubs without paying a fortune.

Trees will be available for pick up on April 27, 28, & 29. Post cards will be mailed out on the 17th, Click here for all the information.

2017 Order Form


Hot Topics

3There is always something happening in the conservation world. Check here frequently to see the latest news is in Chisago County and around the state of Minnesota!

Spring 2016 Newsletter


Clean Water Fund

4The Chisago SWCD has been awarded several grants through the Clean Water Fund. For detailed information on how this money has been spent and the pollution reduction achieved, click here.