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Grass Clippings Turn Lakes Green

It’s the height of lawn-mowing season as well as the lake recreation season.  What do the two have in common?  One can have a big impact on the other.  Grass clippings contain phosphorus, the nutrient that feeds algae and turns lakes green.  Just one bushel of grass clippings contain 0.1 pound of phosphorus.  That doesn’t [...]

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Eutrophication of Lakes-Huh?

Eutrophication is a big word that basically means a lake is getting greener.  More specifically, eutrophication is the lake’s response to the addition of nitrates and phosphorus entering the lake either naturally or artificially (as a result of human activity).  Before human influence, lakes naturally went through the eutrophication process, but it took many hundreds [...]

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Dispelling Rain Garden Myths

In the past 5 years, the Chisago Soil and Water Conservation District has assisted in installing nearly 50 rain gardens around Chisago County.  As we continue to work on new projects, we occasionally run into misconceptions about rain gardens.  There are some common myths that we can dispel easily, and then there are new things [...]

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Common Questions at the Tree Barn

Every year, the staff of the Chisago Soil & Water Conservation District spends three days in the “tree barn”, the Quonset building where people come to pick up the trees and shrubs they ordered.  Throughout the distribution event, we get asked some common questions.  With the 2016 Tree and Shrub order form out, we thought [...]

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Local Farmer Installs Conservation Practice

Pat Eichten grew up on the family farm and has continued the family’s farming tradition.  He’s seen the ups and downs of the seasons and the coming and goings of methods and machinery.  One thing that had not changed since Pat’s childhood was the existence of a gully running from the back of the barn, [...]

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Fall Leaf Clean Up

As the trees lose their beautiful fall leaves, they tend to pile up in our yards and streets.  Those leaves contain phosphorus, an essential nutrient for plant growth.  As the leaves decompose, they release the phosphorus that was bound up in the leaf.  When it rains, the phosphorus is washed down the street, down the [...]

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