Shoreline restoration headerEducating our Youth, Who are Tomorrows Leaders, to Protect and Preserve
our Natural Resources Should be Extremely Important to all of us.
The Chisago SWCD Feels Strongly About This



Check out the following links, below, to the various educational opportunities that abound in Chisago County, and feel free to call our office with any questions or concerns at: 651-674-2333.

Chisago County Children’s Water Festival

children's water festival education

The mission of the Water Festival is to provide youth and classroom teachers with an innovative, quality, hands-on learning opportunity highlighting the interdependence of water to all living things. The major water issues that are addressed include ground water, watersheds, drinking water, exotic species, lakes and rivers,and much more.

If you are interested in volunteering please email Chisago SWCD.

poster contest children's examples

Poster Contest

Each year the Chisago SWCD Board of Supervisors holds a poster contest for students to express their artistic side while at the same time heightening the awareness of the world around them. The theme for the 2018 contest was “Minnesota Soils” Much thanks to the North Branch 6th grade and Rush City 5th and 6th grade classes who participated. To the left are the winning 2018 posters.

Surface & Groundwater Education

Staff are available to provide information and activities to teachers as requested.

surface and groundwater education
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Adopt a Storm Drain

We’re excited that Chisago County is now officially part of the Adopt-a-Drain program!

If you live in an area with storm drains, we need your help to keep your local rivers and lakes clean and healthy!

Adopting a storm drain means taking a few minutes every month to clear your storm drain of debris, including litter, leaves, grass clippings and dirt. It’s a great family-friendly activity and bonus – you even get to name your storm drain!

Sign up today at

To learn more about adopting a storm drain click here to download a pdf…

Educational Brochures

The district offers a series of educational brochures: